My services:

I can't accept full-time job offers, I mostly work remotely on small tasks, like these:

Decrypting a database, managing unknown type of files

Due to NDA agreement, I can't reveal many details about the last case, but the case in "Encrypted database case #1" article is heavily based on a real case.

Rewriting some kind of old EXE or DLL file back to C/C++

I tried many jobs in my life, but, surprisingly (even to myself), the job I'm the most proud of is rewriting large piece(s) of compiled code back to C/C++. This is an extremely boring and slow process, I once spent more than a year on rewriting 100KB DLL to pure C, and it was like full-time job. And this is also expensive.


Occasionally I do software copy-protection dongle replacements or dongle emulators. In general, it is somewhat unlawful to break software protection, so I can do this only if these conditions are met:

These includes ancient MS-DOS and UNIX software. Exotic computer architectures (like MIPS, DEC Alpha, PowerPC) accepted as well.

Examples of my work you may find here:

(Binary) code audit

I could also try (binary) code audit. I can try to find vulnerabilities in your software, before others will do it. This is like penetration testing. I can try to work with binary code without source code. You must also be a legal owner of the software product.

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