I teach programming and reverse engineering from ground up

Using Python, C++, assembly language and other popular PLs...

Reverse engineering basics. (By 'basics of RE' I mean all the topics discussed in my book.)

But also I can teach about using SAT/SMT solvers in CTF challenges and whatnot.

No prior experience is required... For a small fee. Interested?


How I teach

This is advertisement of my services.

My areas of expertise: everything I write about in my books (Reverse Engineering for Beginners, SAT/SMT by Example, Mathematics for programmers.)

Which is: software development/programming/coding, reverse engineering.

Due to the very nature of my lifestyle, I can't embark on long projects. And I can't accept a full-time job.

But I can solve small, short, freelancer-type tasks.

Maybe consulting.

Need a professional writer? Need a documentation?

I could try to (re)write a documentation/reference/manual for an API, (programming) language, framework, etc.

I think I can be good at finding concise and clear examples for each API/language feature.

My books can serve as an example of it.

I can do this in a very long and steady fashion.

I could also try to rework existing documentation project in any state of disaster and bit rot.

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